October 7 - 8, 2021
Riga, Latvia

The On-line Round Table session

4th October, 2021, 6:00 (24h format) GMT

To facilitate quality of the conference and cooperation between the participants, all presenters are invited to participate in pre-conference online round table, which will also serve as technical readiness test. Each participant has to present one slide (see template below) about their research group.

To avoid potential problems caused by the technical issues and poor quality of the presentation, papers which will fail to undergo technical readiness testing can be excluded from the conference program.


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Passcode: 572514

Presentation template

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Schedule (final)

Time (GMT)IdAuthorsTitle
06:05:00 1570758110 Rakshaa Munirathinam, Arturs Aboltins, Dmitrijs Pikulins, Juris Grizans Chaotic Non-Coherent Pulse Position Modulation Based Ultra-Wideband Communication System
06:06:00 1570752036 Janis Eidaks, Romans Kusnins, Dans Laksis, Ruslans Babajans, Anna Litvinenko Signal Waveform Impact on RF-DC Conversion Efficiency for Different Energy Harvesting Circuits
06:07:00 1570728127 Jasmeet Singh, André Sandmann, Andreas Ahrens, Steffen Lochmann, Cesar Benavente Peces Geometric Constellation Shaping with Pulse Amplitude Modulation in Short Reach Optical Links
06:08:00 1570738987 Dmitrijs Rjazanovs, Ernests Petersons, Aleksandrs Ipatovs, Loreta Juškaite, Roman Yeryomin Byzantine Failures and Vehicular Networks
06:09:00 1570742570 Ihor Storozhenko Advanced Gunn Diode on Based Graded GaPAs - GaInAs as High Power Source of Millimeter Wave
06:10:00 1570743141 Abdurrahim Toktas Triangular Aperture UWB Antenna with Dual Band-Notched Characteristic for WLAN Bands
06:11:00 1570744921 Mariem Abdi, Taoufik Aguili Electromagnetic Modeling of a Slotted Waveguide Feed Technique Device Based on a Comparative Study of WCIP and MOM-GEC Methods
06:12:00 1570749429 Volkan Ozduran An Investigation for Imperfect CSI Effects on Half-Duplex/Full-Duplex Relaying Network
06:13:00 1570750093 Maksym Zaliskyi, Oleksandr Solomentsev, Oleksiy Zuiev, Maksim Pavlenko, Iryna Zakharchenko, Yuliia Petrova Data Processing for Analysis of Deteriorating Radio System with Redundancy
06:14:00 1570752362 Lukasz Lopacinski, Nebojsa Maletic, Alireza Hasani, Jesús Gutiérrez, Eckhard Grass Fast Algorithms for Generating Real-Valued Spreading Sequences for High-Speed Wireless Communication Systems Based on PSSS
06:15:00 1570752620 Aleksandrs Kutins, Deniss Brodnevs Analysis of the Possibility of Using Cellular Networks in Vehicular Networks and Remote-Control Channels of Drones in Terms of Delays
06:16:00 1570752903 Rabia Rebbah, Idris Messaoudene, Mustapha Khelifi, Boualem Hammache, Tayeb A. Denidni Miniaturized Substrate Integrated Waveguide Compact Bandpass Filters with CMRC Technique
06:17:00 1570752913 Grigoriy Fokin Bearing Measurement with Beam Sweeping for Positioning in 5G Networks
06:18:00 1570752944 Dmitry Batrakov, Mariya Antyufeyeva, Angelika Batrakova GPR Application with Different Antennas for Road Pavement Condition Assessment
06:19:00 1570752984 Irene Keramidi, Ioannis Moscholios, Panagiotis Sarigiannidis, Michael Logothetis Blocking Probabilities in a Mobility-Aware CAC Algorithm of a Vehicular WiFi Network
06:20:00 1570753102 Ihor Prokopenko, Ihor Omelchuk, Yuliia Petrova, Olena Omelchuk Empirical Bayesian Method in the Problem of a Harmonic Signal Detecting in the Gaussian Noise
06:21:00 1570753113 Jayakumar Vandavasi Karunamurthy, Sidi Ahmed Bendoukha, Iraklis Nikolakakos, Tareg Ghaoud, Fahed Ebisi, Mohammed Riyadh Alkharrat Adaptive Technique for LoRa Communication with LEO Nanosatellite
06:22:00 1570753192 Boualem Mekimah, Tarek Djerafi, Abderraouf Messai, Abdelkrim Belhedri A Reconfigurable Antenna in Frequency Band and Radiation Using Active Frequency Selective Surfaces on the Basis of PIN Diodes
06:23:00 1570753368 Gatis Gaigals, Vladimir Aristovs, Modris Greitans Conformance Analysis of Model for Material Properties Determination Using Simulation of Ultra-Wideband Pulse Radar
06:24:00 1570753824 Ashutosh Kedar Geometry Aided Deterministic Synthesis Approach for Concentric Ring Sparse Array Antennas
06:25:00 1570753852 G Shanmugan Ganesan, Mastaneh Mokayef Multi-Purpose Medical Drone for the Use in Pandemic Situation
06:26:00 1570754097 Oulad haddar Obaida New Design of BH SIW Directional 3 dB Coupler for X-Band Application
06:27:00 1570755118 Muhammad Usman, Shahbaz Ahmad, Muhammad Saeed Deep Neural Network-Based Method for Detection and Classification of the Malicious Network Traffic
06:28:00 1570755580 Mohaned ALhaddad, Salem Sati, Mohammed Elmusrati Minimizing Collision of Fading Channel Using Machine Learning
06:29:00 1570755831 Sladan Zlatar, Adriana Lipovac, Vlatko Lipovac Verification of Consistency Between Ethernet Based QoS with Performance Prediction of Heterogeneous Microwave Radio-Relay Backhaul Network
06:30:00 1570755838 Adriana Lipovac, Vlatko Lipovac, Mirza Hamza, Edvin Skaljo OTDR Based Prediction of Residual BER
06:31:00 1570755890 Yanhua Zhao, Vladica Sark, Milos Krstic, Eckhard Grass Multi-Target Vital Signs Remote Monitoring Using mmWave FMCW Radar
06:32:00 1570755946 Kristaps Greitans, Modris Greitans Multi-Static UWB Radar for Classification of Objects from Different Materials
06:33:00 1570756267 Omar Abu Ella New Design Rules to Improve Helical Antenna Performance
06:34:00 1570756362 Waleed Alshaibani, Mustafa Helvaci, Ibraheem Shayea, Azizul Azizan Airplane Type Identification Based on Mask RCNN; An Approach to Reduce Airport Traffic Congestion
06:35:00 1570756373 Dimitrios Kosmanos, Costas Chaikalis, Ilias Savvas, Kostas Anagnostou, Dimitrios Bargiotas Investigating 5G V2X QoS Using Turbo Codes
06:36:00 1570756569 Ihsan Kanbaz, Uğur Yeşilyurt, Ertugrul Aksoy Range-Angle Dependent Radiation by Using Non-Uniform Period Time Modulated Arrays
06:37:00 1570756577 Vaiva Rusen, Andrius Katkevičius, Darius Plonis Investigation of the Multilayer Semiconductor Waveguides in Sub-THz Range
06:38:00 1570756839 Shiddanagouda B, N Dinesh Kumar, Vani M, Prabhakar Hunagund Two Element Multiband MIMO Antenna for WiFi/5G/WLAN Band Applications
06:39:00 1570756992 Yassine Yazid, Imad Ez-zazi, Mounir Arioua, Ahmed El Oualkadi A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach for LoRaWAN Energy Optimization
06:40:00 1570757052 Carlos Parreño Muirragui, Pablo Lupera, Ricardo Llugsi, Viviana Párraga Optimized Performance Evaluation of a Q-Learning Hard Handover Algorithm for Load Balancing
06:41:00 1570757180 Erfeng Li, Xue Jun Li, Boon-Chong Seet A 5.8GHz Slot Antenna with Parallel Slit Loading for 5G Conformal and Wearable Applications
06:42:00 1570757251 Mehran Hosseini, Shahriar Shirvani Moghaddam Sub-Optimum Radio Resource Allocation in Vehicle-To-Vehicle Communications Based on A Multi-Step Hungarian Algorithm
06:43:00 1570757341 Elans Grabs, Tianhua Chen, Ernests Petersons, Dmitry Efrosinin, Aleksandrs Ipatovs, Janis Kluga, Dmitrijs Culkovs Research on Features Extraction for Live Streaming Video Classification with Deep and Convolutional Neural Networks
06:44:00 1570757355 Vladimir Burdin, Olga Gubareva, Olga Shaban, Vladimir Gureev Estimation of the Distance to the Pulse Sound Source by DAS for the Determination of Optical Cable Location
06:45:00 1570757389 Olaf Grote, Andreas Ahrens, Cesar Benavente Peces Modelling and Simulation of Quantum Key Distribution Using OptSim
06:46:00 1570757416 Dao Hai Network Coding in Photonicland: Three Commandments for Future-Proof Optical Core Networks
06:47:00 1570757440 Osman Bişkin, Talha Saydam, Serkan Aksoy The Averaging Effect on Resonant Frequency Calculations of a Partially Filled Microwave Cavity Using FDTD Method
06:48:00 1570757443 Massinissa Belazzoug, Khalida Khodja, Elhachmi Ksouri, Rabia Rebbah, Idris Messaoudene, Youcef Braham Chaouche, Boualem Hammache, Tayeb A. Denidni Design of a Compact SWB High Gain Antenna Using a Fully PEC Reflector
06:49:00 1570757453 Hakan Balaban, Oğuz Kucur Performance of Energy Harvesting Full-Duplex Amplify-And-Forward Relay Network with TAS/MRC
06:50:00 1570757469 Sean Squire, Sabih ur Rehman, M Arif Khan Investigating Efficient Municipal Solid Waste Collection Through Technology
06:51:00 1570757545 Jyoti Yadav, Vivek Dwivedi, Saurabh Chaturvedi Performance Comparison of cGAN Models for Channel Estimation in One-Bit Massive MIMO System
06:52:00 1570757606 Chao Gu, Lu Bai Study of 140 GHz Waveguide Fed Lenses with Different Dielectric Constant
06:53:00 1570757615 Saddam Alraih, Rosdiadee Nordin, Ibraheem Shayea, Nor Fadzilah Abdullah, Abdulraqeb Alhammadi Ping-Pong Handover Effect Reduction in 5G and Beyond Networks
06:54:00 1570757666 Felipe Medeiros, Caio Benigno de Abrantes, Robson Maniçoba, Georgina Karla de Freitas Serres, Alexandre Serres Optimization of the WCIP Method for Multilayer Circuits
06:55:00 1570757680 Mert Karahan, Ertugrul Aksoy Design of a Frequency Selective Surface Based on a Notched Semi-Overlapped Square Patches
06:56:00 1570757684 Romans Maliks, Gatis Supols, Modris Greitans, Eduards Lobanovs Integrated Circuit of Clocked Comparator for Ultra-Wideband Radar
06:57:00 1570757776 Roman Marsalek, Radek Zavorka, Martin Pospíšil, Josef Vychodil, Jakub Gotthans, Jiri Blumenstein Human Activity Classification via Millimeter-Wave Channel Level Crossing Estimation
06:58:00 1570757780 Fardeen Mahbub, Rashedul Islam, M Tanseer Ali, Md. Abdur Rahman Design and Performance Analysis of a Dual Stub MIMO Antenna for On-Body Applications